Nature‘s Way
Rebrand Campaign

Reviving an old stand-by for wellbeing supplements by telling the story of its sources

Agency: Epsilon
Creative Director: Jenn Richter

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After a long sprint to craft campaign concepts, we won the Haier America pitch. We conducted tissue sessions with the world’s largest appliance manufacturer gain a leadership position in the US to reposition their brand relevant to the American market. Our team repositioned the brand across businesses and categories, developed a brand strategy and mobile-first, omni-channel retail program.

Supported Haier’s product innovation strategy for the US. Refocused effort on higher margin products while creating more opportunity for multi-product sales (bundled selling, cross sell and upsell). Repositioned as a whole home provider. Rationalized Haier's proposition into GE’s product portfolio as a mass premium offering for Millennials.



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What is for email? is from the developers of Basecamp and helps creatives keep on top of their inbox by using smart algos to aggregate your inbox with priority and ability to attach to notes to each project update or client message. Currently, my email is down. Please reach me at HELLO@JENNRICHTER.COM

What programs do you and have you used in your creative process?

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD)
Figma, Sketch, InVision, Dropbox, Miro, Slack, Calendly, Google Suite & more

Do you work out of a studio or in-house office?

I have lived on the west side of the city of Chicago for 15 years, where i’ve had a live/work design studio since I went independent. You can also find me at co-working spaces or my local bar that turns up their fireplace for me in their indoor/outdoor lounge—which also makes for an excellent meeting space in the most magical hidden gem corner of the city. I also contribute to political and grassroots movement efforts to increase the quality of life in my long time neighborhood, and worked on a Chicago City Counsel member’s campaign for the election in February 2023.

Where can I download your CV? +

View and Download the PDF Here

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